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Credentialed Career Manager Requirements

To apply and qualify for the CCM, you must meet the following credentialing requirements. Note that items #2 through #6 must have been completed within the past 24 months immediately prior to your submission for your CCM and for subsequent renewals.

 Become a Credentialed Career Manager  Renew Your CCM
Requirement #1:

Professional Credentials, Certifications, Degrees & Licensure

Option A.
 Certification within your area of practice/specialization (NCC/NCCC, CCMC, PCC, ACRW, MRW, NCRW, CPRW, CRW, JCTC, SPHR, PHR, CPC, CRS, CIS, CCS, GCDF, CWDP). This list is not comprehensive; if you have a career-related certification that is not mentioned, submit for review.

Option B. Advanced academic credentials (Master’s Degree, Doctorate, or equivalent).

Option C. A minimum of 10 years’ full-time experience in your particular area of expertise in the careers and employment industry.

 Verification: Complete Item #1 in the CCM Documentation Packet and submit copies of certificates, transcripts, college degrees, resume (if employed), and/or documentation showing your number of years in business (if self-employed).
Requirement #2:

Continuing Professional Education

Completion of 30 CEUs every 2 years. CEUs are equivalent to the exact number of classroom hours of a training program, seminar, workshop, conference, or other educational experience. 

  • A 2-hour webcast is equivalent to 2 CEUs.
  • An 8-hour workshop, less 1 hour for lunch, is equivalent to 7 CEUs.
  • A 3-day conference, with 9-hour days, less 1-hour lunches and 30-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon, is equivalent to 21 CEUs.
 Verification: Complete Item #2 in the CCM Documentation Packet and submit copies of training certificates, CEU certificates, lists of attendees, registration forms, receipts, or any other documents that verify your attendance.
Requirement #3:

Sharing Knowledge & Expertise

Authorship of 3 published articles, 6 blog posts, or 1 published book every 2 years.

Articles can be print or electronic and a minimum of 300 words each. Blog posts must be a minimum of 150 words each.
 Verification: Complete Item #3 in the CCM Documentation Packet. You may either submit copies of published articles and blog postings (including name of publication and date) OR provide a live website link. For books, provide a direct link to where the book can be purchased.
Requirement #4:

Pro Bono Work & Volunteerism

Minimum of 15 hours of pro bono work every 2 years. This can include free professional career services, unpaid public speaking engagements, unpaid presentations/counseling/critiques at job fairs or for job boards, and other professional activities and services you provided at no cost. This requirement can also be extended to include non-career-related volunteerism within your community.

For Complete Item #4 in the CCM Documentation Packet, including a summary of your pro bdbe6efono activities, number of hours donated, and contact name along with phone number and/or email address.

Requirement #5:


Read a minimum of 4 books every 2 years on any topic related to careers, employment, interviewing, salary negotiations, job search, human resources, life planning, coaching, business management, leadership, entrepreneurship, or marketing.
 Verification: Complete Item #5 in the CCM Documentation Packet. For each book, list the title and author, the top 5 things you learned from that book, and how you can apply it to your practice, business, program, or area of work.
Requirement #6:

Public Speaking & Training

Deliver 2 public speaking engagements (paid or volunteer) or teach 1 college/university course every 2 years.
Complete Item #6 in the CCM Documentation Packet. Submit any pre-printed or online materials from the presentation or class, copy of the presentation guide or handouts, conference notebook listing your name, course syllabus or college handbook/website listing your name, or a contact name, phone, and email address.

Can I substitute items for these requirements?

You can substitute special projects and activities. For example, if you don’t have any public speaking experience (Requirement #6), you can replace that with your work at a local job fair every 3 months for the past 2 years. In both instances you shared your expertise with others.

Special projects can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Earning college credits
  • Serving on the Board of Directors of a professional association or nonprofit association
  • Contributing expertise to a local, regional, national, and/or international nonprofit organization
  • Launching a new careers- or employment-related business venture
  • Developing and marketing a new product or service
  • Developing and marketing a new website
  • Negotiating major business transactions (e.g., contracts, financing proposals, grants)
  • Writing a comprehensive business plan or proposal
  • Administering foundation or grant funds
  • Developing and implementing a new on-the-job program or service
  • Amassing an extensive list of public speaking engagements and/or publications
  • Mentoring new career colleagues
  • Moderating online e-lists, chat rooms, discussion groups, and the like

For Verification: Complete the “Substitutions” (#7) column in the CCM Documentation Packet. Use your best judgment in determining what documentation to provide based on the specific project, program, or activity you are substituting. Be certain to also indicate which requirement it is being substituted to replace.

Each substitution project and activity will be carefully reviewed to determine its applicability. If you have questions about substitutions, contact Marie Zimenoff amarie@careerthoughtleaders.com or 855-333-5793.

How do I apply for my CCM?
  1. Complete the multi-page CCM Documentation Packet.
  2. Verify that you meet the requirements by adding details on the CCM Documentation Packet. For items that require additional documentation, please provide electronic copies (PDFs or Word documents preferred). Indicate on each document the CCM requirement for which you are submitting.
  3. Submit payment. CTL Associates receive a $20 discount. Log in to the member's area for the discount code.
  4. Submit your CCM portfolio by email (preferred) to marie@careerthoughtleaders.com. We will accept the documentation by mail, but only if necessary. Your entire portfolio MUST be submitted simultaneously, all electronic or all mail. Presenting a well-organized, clearly documented portfolio will enable us to review your materials much more quickly and with fewer questions. It’s to your advantage as well as ours!

How is my CCM portfolio reviewed?

Every completed portfolio will be submitted to the Review Committee for a comprehensive evaluation to determine if your application and documentation meet CCM requirements.

The Review Committee will evaluate each application and respond to the applicant within 3 weeks with either approval or denial. Any denials will be accompanied by a written statement of items that must be completed, changed, and/or better documented to earn your CCM.

Upon final verification of all items, your CCM will be awarded and a certificate forwarded to you. In addition, we will announce your CCM on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and several key Career Thought Leaders online groups and forums.

CCM Revocation Policy

The Career Thought Leader Consortium reserves the right to revoke your CCM if:

  • You do not meet the biennial (every 2 years) renewal requirements.
  • You demonstrate unprofessional, unethical, or unlawful conduct.
  • You are found guilty in a court of law for unlawful or unethical business practices.

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