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Issue 270 | October 17, 2019

"The world, unfortunately, rarely matches our hopes and consistently refuses to behave in a reasonable manner."
Stephen Jay Gould,
paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, writer

Join Us for a Hosted Lunch in Prague
October 23; All Career Pros Welcome!
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Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next
Topics Announced for November 22 Event
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  • Prague Career Professionals Meetup
  • Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next
  • Join Us in Person at These Upcoming Events
  • CTL Associate News & Opportunities


  • Coaching: Mindset Matters: How Coaching & Psychotherapy Set the Framework for Leadership of the 21st Century
  • Advancement: Articulating Adaptability
  • Leadership: Why Employees Are Fed Up with Feedback
  • Business: 6 Must-read Marketing Books for 2019
  • Learning: Most People Think This Is a Smart Habit, But It's Actually Brain-damaging


CTL & RWA Events

  • CTL European Colleague Meeting at ICF (Prague)
  • Branding Certification Community Conversation
  • RWA Certification Community Discussion
  • Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next
  • CTL Professional Development Symposium 2020 Vision (Philadelphia, USA)

Partner Events

  • Training from the BACK of the Room
  • International Coach Federation Converge (Prague)
  • Introduction to Brain-Based Coaching


OCT 23 | CTL Hosted Luncheon at ICF Converge

As a sponsor for the ICF Converge event happening in Prague, CTL will be hosting an event on Wednesday, October 23. This event is open to all interested coaches (you do not have to be an Associate or attending Converge to join us ... you do need to RSVP by October 18).

Learn more and RSVP for this limited-space hosted luncheon!

NOV 22 | Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next

Calling all career industry visionaries! If you're driven to be on the leading edge of the latest trends, if your mind is often in overdrive thinking up new ways to improve client's careers and boost their success, if you thrive on collaborating with industry colleagues about what is working now and what might be coming next, you won't want to miss the conversations taking place November 22, 2019.

Share your thought-leadership ... and gain valuable insights ... as we discuss this year's peer-selected megatrends:

How Does Career Jam Work?

Career Jam ... celebrating its 10th anniversary ... runs in two parts.

First, join us for an exclusive webinar on November 14th, 2019, where you'll learn about this year's megatrends. Whether you join us live or listen to the recording, you'll get the background information on the trends and tips on disrupting habits and questioning the status quo.

Then, on November 22nd, 2019, you'll gather with colleagues (virtually or in-person at locations around the world) to brainstorm about how these trends are impacting – and will impact – the careers landscape. You'll network and share best practices for our work with clients in light of this new information.

Learn More About Career Jam & Join the Conversation

Upcoming Conference Appearances – Join Us Live

Marie and Susan Chritton, Master Branding Strategist and Instructor for the Certified Personal Branding Strategist program, are honored to be selected as presenters at ICF Converge in Prague, October 23–26, 2019. The presentation will be on Thursday and Friday about writing bios and social media profiles to attract your ideal clients.


Welcome New CTL Associates

Cassie Hatcher, Career Confidence, Colorado, USA

CTL Associates, be sure to check the Associates area of the website for details on the following opportunities:

Want to get in on these opportunities? Join as a CTL Associate today!

Be on the Lookout: Watch for emails from CTL with invitations for various writing, coaching, media, and publishing opportunities. Emails go out to all CTL Associates several times each month, so be sure to check them out!


Coaching: Mindset Matters: How Coaching & Psychotherapy Set the Framework for Leadership of the 21st Century (Forbes)
In an age where 60% of people surveyed have dealt with mental health issues in the past year, this article shares how leaders need new skills to deal with challenges and build culture that fosters resilience.

Advancement: Articulating Adaptability (Inside Higher Ed)
This article shares why speaking to adaptability is important, why a common notion about career development can be an obstacle in achieving it, and how candidates can demonstrate adaptability.

Leadership: Why Employees Are Fed Up with Feedback (Gallup)
Feedback can be demotivating and lead to disengagement. This article shares that 4 out of 5 employees who received negative feedback are job hunting and what leaders can do to be more effective in giving feedback.

Business: 6 Must-read Marketing Books for 2019 (Brafton)
If you are looking for comprehensive information on the top topics in marketing your business, this is a treasure trove of information!

Learning: Most People Think This Is a Smart Habit, But It's Actually Brain-damaging (Mental Model Club)
This is a dense one … and a fascinating read on the science of learning and a challenge for us to carefully consider the information we consume.


Visit the 2019 Calendar of Events for all CTL and RWA events this year.


October 23, 2019 | Career Thought Leaders European Colleague Meeting at ICF (Prague)

Connect with your career colleagues in Prague! If you are attending the ICF Converge event (or just want to connect), join your colleagues for a luncheon and discussion event on Wednesday, October 23. This event is open to all interested coaches (you don't have to be a CTL Associate or be attending Converge to join us). Learn more and RSVP for this limited-space hosted luncheon.

October 29, 2019 | Branding Certification Community Conversation

In this Branding Community Conversation, join your 360Reach Analyst, Personal Branding, and Social Branding colleagues to share how you are pricing, packaging, and selling your services. We'll give a bit of an overview at the beginning with the business-related resources we've created in the last year, and then open it up for sharing.

This special edition of Branding Community Conversation call is open to all current 360Reach Analyst, CPBS and Certified Social Branding Strategists. Community Conversations are a way to help you stay current, learn some new tricks, and share some of your own wealth of information. RSVP and come ready to share (this will not be a lecture!).

November 20, 2019 | RWA Certification Community Discussion

Join your fellow RWA certification community colleagues (ACRWs, ACPWs & MRWs) in a conversation about resume topics! For this quarter, we'll be focusing on working faster and smarter. The call will be recorded. Previous conversations covered gathering information, ATS, and formatting are located on the Student Resources page (must be logged in). RSVP for the November Call.

November 22, 2019 | Global Locations & Virtual Events
Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next (Formerly Career Brainstorming Day)

Career Jam is your opportunity to participate in exploration, conversation, and discovery as career colleagues. Learn and share around the 7 Career Industry Megatrends for 2020! Career professionals in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will join in-person and virtual events to share, explore, learn, and collaborate. If you'd like to host an event in your city, please contact Marie for more information (

April 20–22, 2020 | Career Thought Leaders Professional Development Symposium

Save the date for this annual opportunity to gather with Career Thought Leader colleagues! You won't want to miss Vision 2020: Thriving in an Uncertain World. More information and registration coming soon.


Nov 21-22 @ MI | Dec 12-13 @ MD | Mar 19-20 @ NC | Training from the BACK of the Room

This is great training for teachers, trainers, and coaches! Crafted by Sharon Bowman, based on current brain science, and delivered by Career Thought Leader Elisabeth Sanders-Park, it takes your training to an advanced level. Whether you lead workshops, facilitate small groups, or work one-on-one, seasoned and newer practitioners will get a fresh perspective, practical approaches, and proven tools that improve your training immediately and forever. Fills quickly. Early bird and CTL discount (code: CTL$300) available.

October 23–26, 2019 | International Coach Federation Converge

Join coaches from around the world at this global event designed to strengthen connections and offer cutting-edge learning opportunities. Among the three days of learning, you can hear from Career Thought Leader Board Members and Personal Branding Strategists including Marie Zimenoff, Susan Chritton, William Arruda, and Amalia Sterescu! Learn more here.

November 7-21, 2019 | Introduction to Brain-Based Coaching: Leveraging Neuroscience for Greater Impact with Your Coaching Clients

With certified coach, Joan Runnheim Olson, explore the latest insights into how the brain works and how to apply neuroscience in real-time with your coaching clients. Whether you're new to coaching or are an experienced coach, you and your clients will benefit from understanding how to make the brain work better to increase desired positive outcomes. Thursdays from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern, November 7 through November 21, 2019. Earn six (6) ICF CCEUs. Register here.

For information about CTL & RWA credentials:

Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW)
Academy Certified Federal Resume Writer (ACRW-Federal)
Academy Certified Profile Writer (ACPW)
Master Resume Writer (MRW)
Credentialed Career Manager (CCM)
Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC)
Certified Hidden Job Market Coach (CHJMC)
Certified Personal Brand Strategist (CPBS)
Certified Digital Branding Analyst
360Reach Analyst



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